I'm Tom Love, a graphic designer born in Leicester, schooled at Falmouth and now I call London my home.

From a very young age, I've always had a passion for design and somehow always knew I wanted to be a designer when I grew up.

This singular goal of being a designer was set in motion the day my grandad passed his stamp collection on to me. Stamps opened up a new world to me, with these tiny little pieces of paper telling stories from around a world I hadn't explored yet. Through bright, colourful illustrations, photographs and typography in languages I'd never seen before, these stamps ignited my passion and love for graphic design.

From the humble beginnings of a single stamp book, I've now amassed an eclectic collection of 20th century design from cigarettes packets, stamps and matchbox labels to luggage tags and bottle caps. The beauty and balance of design at such a small, functional scale fascinates me and has led me to my art projects today.

Being able to see the beauty in everyday functional design isn't easy when we're busy going about our busy lives. So that's why I have changed the designs context - blowing them up into much bigger versions of themselves, so that every tiny detail can be admired. From the use of typography to the colours and forms, design becomes art and it's then that we can all start to be inspired by these small yet iconic objects.